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ASIC and FPGA Design Services and IP Development

Edna offers a full range of ASIC and FPGA design services. We do ASIC and FPGA design very well.

Whether you need a complete turnkey solution or you are missing the essential piece to complete your team we can help.

We can perform individual services for you or provide complete sub-systems at any level. Our strength is in knowing all of the pieces and always being aware of the "big picture." At every step we are aware of the implications of choices in architecture, implementation or processes. We also know the value of focused quality documentation and always creating code that is self-documenting and reusable. We also have enough experience to know that every project will bring new challenges requiring tactical solutions. Every project needs the right balance of experience and innovation.

Whatever level we are working at we are always a part of your team.

To the right is a partial list of services we can provide. We look forward to discussing your project and how we can help make it a success.

Turnkey ASICs and FPGAs

We can take your system specification to a complete ASIC or FPGA solution.

IP block development

Point us to the specification and we can code a new IP block for you.

Legacy IP evolution

Very few projects start from "scratch."

SoC design and integration

Edna has the balance of experience and innovation to implement challenging SoC systems.

ARM and AMBA systems

Edna has been working with ARM and ARM specified bus based systems for over 25 years.

Design For Test (DFT) Services

Edna can perform a complete suite of DFT services from test system architecture through, test implementation to final test vector generation, test quality analyis and improvement.

Individual Specific Service Offerings

Edna can provide any of the basic engineering services if you are missing pieces for your project or in concert as part of a "turnkey" ASIC, FPGA or IP development project.

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