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Edna has been a trusted supplier of design services for over a decade

Edna is a small engineering design services company specializing in ASIC, FPGA and IP design.

Edna was founded in 1995. Originaly based in Santa Cruz, CA and since relocated to Eastsound, WA.

Edna has been in business for over a decade and we have contributed to numerous complex SoC designs. We specialize in ASIC and FPGA design and can handle all phases of the design process from system definition through final sign off and beyond. We have extensive experience working with embedded ARM micro-processors and AMBA bus systems. We have particular expertise in Design For Test (DFT) strategies, architectures and implementations for complex ASIC systems.

Edna Inc. can help you take your ASIC or FPGA based product, IP block or prototype to success.

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We know what it takes to bring very large designs to market

We recently completed work on a 3 x chip set where we were responsible for all DFT work and vector generation. The 3 x chips were each complex SoC designs ranging from 5 to 10 million gates plus 2 to 3 Mbits of embedded RAM. We defined the test strategy that included memory BIST run at speed (167 MHz) and at-speed (167 MHz) transition fault testing, delta and dynamic IDDQ in addition to high coverage using all of the usual test methods. All memory BIST tests and other system diagnostics were executable in system initiated from embedded firmware or via JTAG. We did this without any negative impact on the aggressive ASIC schedule. All 3 chips were successful on first silicon.

Edna is constantly working to improve the way we work

Edna is a member of the SPIRIT Consortium that is defining an XML standard for IP data exchange.

Edna engineers are the founding members of the Eastsound Open Software Foundation. A non-profit organozation dedicated to developing open source EDA/CAD tools and IP.

SUPPORT OPEN EDA SOFTWARE SPIRIT Consortium Edna Inc. is a member of the SPIRIT Consortium Edna Inc Is Located on Orcas Island, Washington

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